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Communal Table: Fava Beans and Italy

Look here at these fava beans I saw at Dean and Deluca.  Spring is really, truly here. I would take this basket of favas and sit down at this sun-dappled table outside a rambling Tuscan villa, shelling the beans and when that was done, I would call my friends and say, hey, come over.

We would toss the favas with a nutty pecorino, some torn mint and grassy olive oil.  We would break big loaves of bread and few bottles of wine and spend the afternoon here, at this long table under the shade.  We might get hungry again, so we make crostini with the leftovers.  I’ll tell you the recipes after the break.

That’s what I thought about when I saw these fava beans at Dean and Deluca.

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Diptyque Candles


These are some of the most beautiful candles in the world.  I love the clean white and black design, just slightly antique in feeling.  My favorite scents are baies (black currant and rose), figuire (fig), and Cypres (wood, musk).  But really, every scent is special, and I like to gift these to really special people.  $60 at

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Ikat Rug


This 5×7 cotton rug from Urban Oufitters is on sale for $20, online right now.

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