The Story with La Peche

the author, and the the window she would like to peer inside

La Pêche, french for peach, is about delightful things- something you wear, a home to live in, a dinner, a person, a place.  It can be anything.  I want you to bite in, to enjoy the deliciousness of what I find, so I tell the story that I think about when I come across la pêche. It’s mostly fiction, but the things are real.  You can buy them.  You can own the story, or create your own.  If you do, please tell me about it.

Oh, and my boyfriend, who is French, tells me the word “peche” is sometimes used to describe fishing.  I think it’s fitting, because I am fishing, always, for la pêche.

I live in New York City.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer.  I lived in a funky little beach town outside Boston and I spent my days conjuring up some seriously insane tales of spies (inspiration: Harriet) and pirate ships (the beach had what I recognize now as major debris) and I built some incredible forts with my brother.

I grew up and became a fashion editor, but I am still a kid.


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