Real Fantasy

A young Mark Walberg (did he always look 12 or am I getting older?).  An ageless (but okay, baby-faced) Kate Moss.  Sexy, wanton, disaffected, rebellious, sexy, topless, spare, rugged, sexy, timeless.  Oh, how I love old Calvin Klein ads.   Today’s ad campaigns are a bit more aggressive.

Beautiful things should be so simple, not overly thought out.  Although I will be obsessing how to affect that innocent seductress look that Kate Moss is SO. GOOD. AT DOING.  In the meantime, the lesson is: a man’s white shirt.  a black sleeveless tee.  black jeans. underwear.

men's shirt, $39.50 at; boyshort, $12 at

Acne jeans, $269 from; muscle tee, $14 at american apparel

Find la peche:

a muscle tee from American Apparel

a men’s white shirt from gap

CK underwear, I suggest the boyshort.

lightwash, a little 80s but still super sexy jeans, I would only trust Acne.


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